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Why Choose Us

why top floorings depot?

Making a choice is tough: whether it be choosing the right colour, the right species, or most importantly, the right flooring store.

At Top Floorings Depot, We make this process easy for you.

Over a decade in the Toronto hardwood flooring business, Top Floorings Depot is dedicated to provide the best value to customers like you. With two warehouses in the GTA and over 1,000,000 square feet of flooring inventory in-stock, you are guaranteed to find the flooring you love at the right price!

top floorings depot benefits
1. Getting more out of your dollars
By savings up to 70% over the competitions*, you make your dollars work harder for you. With these savings, perhaps your dream of getting a granite kitchen set is no longer a distant goal!
2. Satisfying your unique flooring taste
Let loose your imagination at Top Floorings Depot because there are over one million square feet of flooring products available with countless combinations of flooring type, species, and colour. No matter what you like, you are bound to satisfy your unique sense of aesthetic at Top Floorings Depot.
3. Enjoying your trouble-free flooring from day one
Every product of Top Floorings Depot is manufactured under TQM (Total Quality Management) standard and is backed by manufacture's warranty. You expect quality and Top Floorings Depot delivers it. What else is better than be a proud owner of outstanding wood flooring?

By shopping at Top Floorings Depot, you are making the right choice because Top Floorings Depot satisfies your flooring need with a magical blend of competitive pricing, abundance selection, and unbeatable quality.